Thursday, April 23, 2015

Phantom Egger(s) Return

I have been witness to the appearance of a mass of eggs cemented to the lee side of a large boulder for years, and have wondered who put them there and what they turn into ever since I first found them. This year, I was intent on pin pointing the day they were placed, and hopefully gleaning more information about who is responsible. Most years they are continuous puffy drapery that covers the entire lee face of this boulder by the time I find them. They last for a month or so and then disappear as suddenly as they appear. But I think their rapid appearance and disappearance is more related to my lack of observations than their reality. It is one of the many mysteries that keeps my head in streams. Life is never boring when exploring and wondering life’s and natures mysteries. This year I saw them earlier than in the past. They are smaller, pale aqua, and it looks like the rock sprouted grapes. They aren’t continuous but rather placed singly which makes me think maybe more than one actor is involved in producing this mass. I am happy they are back regardless of identity. Reproduction means there will be another generation of phantom eggers, and more opportunity for me to investigate what emerges when they hatch.

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